Get Gut-Ready for Christmas + '12 days of Christmas' Gifts just for you!

Christmas can be an overwhelming time of year. A time of celebration that generally calls for copious amounts of food and a glass one wine, or two.... or three. And the social pressures around food temptations only adds to the Christmas chaos, especially if we are on a gut healing journey. So how can we not only survive, but ENJOY all that Christmas has to offer. See below to see our own Christmas offer to you!

1. Remember what Christmas is all about... and STRESS LESS.

Christmas is not all about the gifts OR the food, they are simply the bonus. It's about sharing quality time with the people we love. Whether that looks like family, friends, neighbours or strangers. Connect, re-connect, and celebrate the year that has been by spending time soaking up the company of others rather than stressing about the gifts and the food. We know that stress trumps all, and the best thing that we can do to support our gut healing journey is to reduce out stress load. Because you could buy the most eco-friendly low-tox christmas gifts and prepare the most wholesome nutritious meals, but if you are highly, intermediately or low-key stressed, your gut is being effected.

2. The Food...

Here are some great tips to use this Christmas:

  • ditch the refined sugar in your treats/desserts and start to use natural sweeteners like RAW local honey - making sure to purchase RAW honey and not supermarket honey as these can also contain sugar-syrups as fillers. 
  • Make simple food. You don't have to stress about going 'ALL OUT' to make gut-friendly foods. Roughly chopped variety of vegetables baked with chunks of butter, salt and pepper, is our go-to veggie dish.
  • Add sauerkraut to your meal as a side. This is a great way to sneak in a share of probiotics into the gut. If you don't make your own sauerkraut, you can purchase a jar from your local organic health food shop. 

3. Listen to your body.

We have all experienced that feeling of a new age 'food baby', leaving us feel absolutely stuffed! Don't forget to listen to your body. Just because there might be an abundance of delicious food temptation, over-eating can cause havoc amongst the gut leaving you feeling fatigued and uncomfortable. Sometimes, that extra bite is simply not worth it. 

If you are searching for more ways to get get-ready for Christmas, don't forget to sign up to our Integrative Nutritionist and GAPS Practitioner - Elyse Comerford's '12 days of Christmas' here!