Have you noticed that we routinely recharge the batteries on our multitide of devices?
CONSIDER: What do YOU do to recharge YOUR health and wellbeing battery?
In the spirit of a "self-care" spring clean, Elyse has spent the last week recharging her battery at a retreat. Elyse has always been passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom on gut health and nutrition, with nutrition being one important piece of the "self-love pie". This season, she is focussing on nourishing herself not only through nutrition, but by exploring daily self-care practices to balance her "self-love pie"and she encourages you to do the same. 

Elyse is starting the season by releasing new ways for you to learn about gut health, nutrition & self care practices so that you can truly grasp the “keys” to your own health.

One of the the most common barriers on this journey is $$. We get it.    
With this said, Elyse is offering an array of economical ways to work with her, including one-time-only prices which offer incredible value.


Discuss your health concerns with Elyse and work towards your desired health goals.
This is the newest, most cost effective way to work with Elyse. By popular demand, a final 2018 GAPS group coaching program is NOW OPEN and is strictly limited to 4 families, so get in quickly.
 An exciting new offering, The GAPS sessions is a 6 week LIVE WEBINAR series where Elyse dives deep into navigating and understanding the foundations of the GAPS Protocol. 
Live Webinar where Elyse Comerford and Stephanie Meades (Integrative Nutritionists and GAPS Practitioners) will share with you their daily habits and routines that have transformed their lives and have brought balance to their self-love pie.