Why We Choose Healthy Solidteknics Iron Cookware - ft. FREE SHIPPING

We like out cookware the same way that we like my lifestyle… toxin-free!

We love to use our Solidteknics Skillets because they are not only Australian made, but made from quality and sustainable materials that last a lifetime and can be handed down from generation to generation! That’s right, you will never have to buy another pan again (as long as you look after it of course).

These pans are perfect for all everyday oil and fat based frying, grilling, etc. Did you see the video of our gut-friendly banana pancakes sliding so elegantly in the buttery pan? Warning… it may make you salivate! Seasoned iron is the only known non-toxic and forever-renewable nonstick. All other non-stick pans are made with toxic and/or disposable synthetic coatings.

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