RN Labs Ultra-Pure Zinc Picolinate Powder

RN Labs Ultra-Pure Zinc Picolinate Powder

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A highly bioavailable form of zinc, Zinc Picolinate is well tolerated and metabolised by the body. Picolinate (a Tryptophan metabolite) serves as one of the most efficient chelators of trace minerals in the body, for effectively raising tissue levels.

Ultra-Pure Zinc Picolinate Powder.

Pure Pharmaceutical-Grade Zinc Picolinate

DENSITY: 0.15 ml = 120mg (25mg Zn) – (0.8 g/ml)

Each bottle is clearly labelled with ingredient density, to facilitate ease of dosage calculations, and a scoop is provided with each bottle to assist with accurately determining patient doses according to your clinical judgement.

RN Labs use only the highest grade raw ingredients available.
A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is available upon request.